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Found a new hacker


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Hay guys i found a hacker on the * server on 2142 and his name is * and when he was body camping i did the same to protect my self so then he started abusing his admin and body"raping" me so that as soon as i get revived i die so at end of liek 10 minutes he had like 100 points and he also never misses. Proof of this is his bf 2142 stats *sure* so there you go im not asking u to go out and find him just asking if u can monitor him the server is totally out of control i think he owns it his ping on the server(internet connection, lower the better) was 4 and mine was womething liek 300 so i think its running in his computer

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Unless the server is streaming to us, there is nothing we can do. Even if it is streaming to us, the only evidence that we would accept from a BF2142 server is MD5 catches, Evenbalance violations or PB screen shots.

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We have strict requirements on what types of evidence we accept in order to add someone to our MBi. These types are:


- MD5 Violation(s);

- CVAR Violation(s);

- Generic Bind Scan Violation(s);

- EvenBalance/PunkBuster Violation(s);

- Demo Evidence; and

- PunkBuster Screenshot Evidence.


Xfire/FRAPS videos or statistics profiles are not verifiable and can be manipulated - we simply can not verify their integrity, therefore we just don't consider it evidence worth the time of administering. Also we only accept evidence from servers which stream to us.


-- I'm going to let SuperTaz have that :ninja: because I'm usually the fast one :P... and he so just edited it to add more :o

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