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Error bans and kick by *.dll?


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I am creating this topic to know what happened on Feb 07, 2011.


Almost all of the servers I configured in Brazil led simultaneous kicks and other after trying to enter the server for 3 attempts led bans.


The kick was for everyone by:

VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) # 9002: - MD5Tool Mismatch: *.dll (len = 2048)


- I looked on some site and really this. Dll is part of a cheater with the name of *edit* and exit the dll files inside it.


And this *.dll I did not put in any config I edited or No:


pbsvuser.cfg not contain the command line *.dll.


- The kick came from what was now a Stream? GGC-STREAM / AON / PBBANS / GV / CP.


* So were kicked about 30 of those 30 and 20 made sure we play 100% honest cheater does not use because they are totally against it.


I wonder what happened there was really a mistake?


it happened like that? take kicks and bans stating a dll that neither player had the folder of your game.


Very serious mistake if it. Please guide me I'm lost with this.


Thanks ...


I'm waiting for comments. I'll post it on all sites up Against Cheaters whether error was committed and who.

Well if it was grave error and have to be removed.


But the. daki and dll and cheater who falls forward with this?

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(But one day the Anti Cheater kick people who never used cheaters?) Errors?



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adverts for cheats / cheat-Sites are not tolerated here.
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Complain at the origin of failure (ggc) not here then, you do not have the slightest clue what you are talking about.

i'm sure they can teach you how a pb_sv_md5tool violation works respectively how it fails :S



advertising cheats will not be tolerated here, edit and instant LOCK follows.



On another the same note we will not comment cheat related violations in public forums here.

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