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Roster Modification For vBulletin Users


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As you know, we require members who apply for team accounts to have a public roster on their clan sites. This will help people create a roster on their vBulletin forums.


For vBulletin 4.0.x series, use this mod:




For vBulletin 3.7.x series, use this mod:




You need to have a "Valid" vBulletin license to download the mod from www.vbulletin.org.


If IPB has a roster modification too, post it here in this thread and I will add it to this post for you.

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does this support 4.1.3?


The demo board for that mod has it working for 4.1.3, so i'd say yes. Personally I just used the built in vBulletin show forum leaders, as clan members are in their own usergroup which you can display.


This mod will allow you to do much more if you want to take the time to customize it though.

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