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Help, help and help!


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you are banned at AON http://www.airdaleops.com/


that message tells you that the ban is being enforced here as well







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thanks for the answer, and for that image, now I know why im banned, i will kill that mother fucker of miller... he use my key too. thanks ...



the only way is to buy another key right?

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no, it wasn't that.. the one who give me the key , he gave to another man too..and the other cheat it..


anyway, thanks for the information! it really help me!



pd: sorry about my english!

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hey , it's me again! sorry for doblepost....


It is a way to unban my key??? because the kick is from 2009 and this key i buy it 2 month ago... so.. what can i do ?


nothing, it means they cheated in 2009......valid bans will never be removed. GUIDs (derived from cd-key) are banned, not people


only buy games from a reputable source. never just a key, that is always a scam


oh AON....PBBans never lift valid bans...i doubt AON will either

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