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Battlefield 2 and steam


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Hi all!

Me and my friend we are going to buy Battlefield 2 on Steam. But I knew that PunkBuster is in conflict with the "Steam in-game. " As my friend and I use Steam to talk, let me know if you will be banned from PunkBuster for this "error", or if you have already solved. In Call of Duty 4 are kicked by PunkBuster if I start the game with Steam.


Sorry for my bad english.

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I have never been successful to run and stay connected on the same PC with two or more PB games running at the same time. One of them or more will kick you off the server due to a PB handshake or losing packets error. I would like to run more than one PB supported game on the same PC - my pc could handle it, it would be great to use that opportunity to idle our clan's servers from one PC. Be as it may, PB was probably not desiged to be ran with 2 or more games for I'm sure good reasons.


Are you planning on playing PR(Project Reality) on BF2 through your steam account? You might have to go to www.realitymod.com and check out the forums - I think there is a post on how to work around Steam to get PR installed on BF2 since BF2 will NOT be in the same directory as the Retail store bought version is.






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