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Player Glock1793 ? why not a global ban


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First post with a question.


I have seen a player named Glock1793 over the past week and just left a game with him, Thank God I was on his team in Squad Death match to be able to follow him around, I was just right behind him many times on different maps just watching him "know" where players were on the map, his score even gave him away as a cheat but not one complaint??

He has been PB banned with screen shots, link here that I found via google PB screen shots of his cheat


My question = Why is his name or IP not on a global ban from every PB server he joins ?


Thank you for your time



Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC player

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Only EvenBalance issue global bans.


IP Banning = Useless when they have a dynamic IP.


Thank you for the fast reply


I guess I will have to remember not to play in games vs this player

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