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my group is looking at streaming as we have a lot of people now a days that look like they might be wall hacking but with all the cvar hacks and stuff we cant really tell.

what i would like to know or make sure of is PB will have fits some times and some players get pb a or pb b message errors

and or packet loss will streaming tag these as a hack? or are we good >?



i tried the irc chanle no one is answering

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There will be times where some players have programs running that PB does not like and will kick for it. They will have to contact Even Balance via trouble ticket and the person who got kicked will have to be specific in their reasons for the kicks. (i.e. List all processes running at the time.)


Other than that, you can stream your servers and make sure everything is up-to-date and you should not have any issues.


You can read our beginners guide here:




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Have been streaming our UO server here for a few years now...streaming to pbbans does not cause us anymore problems then what we used to have with just running punkbuster...Knowing for sure that the guy who just kicked your ass (in game) is most likely just good and not hacking is well worth the minor troubles you might see...


Have your members check us out to see if they would have any problems... Dorf's War DM

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