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Requesting review of an unfair ban!


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First of all I'd like to apologize if this is not the right place to post. If there is another topic about this issue, please move this post over there.


Well, I'm here to make a request about an unfair ban that happened some time ago.


As you know, we in Brazil had some problems with some accounts that were stolen. This was a problem with EA, I get that, but anyway I'd like to kindly ask you to review the ban applied to the player spam.


He, as some others, had his account stolen and the hacker who stole it used some kind of cheat and was banned...The problem is that spam is a totally honest guy....I can assure that not only as a player, but as an admin and one of the owners of KILLZONE servers. You can look in gametracker web site that we have some of the most frequented servers of the world, so I'm specially interested in strike as much hackers as I can (and of course that Punkbuster is the main weapon we have...thank you for that!!).


So I would like to know if you can, please, remove him from the ban list. Actually, what is the most frustrating in this situation is not to lose your account (probably he will have a new cd-key...it is not about the game, or the money....it's about the time he spent and mainly about reputation....he is being harmed for something he didn't do...how bad can one feels about something like that?)


I understand that you may not want to remove his name from the list due to the risk that the hacker could still use his account to play and cheat again, but if EA give him back the account (and I think they will), with the soldier once again attached at his e-mail adress, so can't he have his name cleaned?


We're quite a big community of Battlefield players here in Brazil, and most of us are really perplex with the situation these hackers have created..So I'd like to ask if you guys could have a detailed look in his case...


Thanks in advance


Best regards

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