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please help


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Hello, Im banned from whom I disagree, I would like to clarify this matter. I got it long ago but only now beginning to play cod again and I hope that you will help me. My first question is: on what basis you seem to bans? Second, what can I do to prove to you that I do not use any supplemental programs? Third, why do not you check reports from some administrators and does not verify them? I got banned because I got to the root of ego and excess of its ability to pay for it now, and thrown ban cash for the game

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Someone from Ireland use the key and cheated with it, resulting in the GUID being banned. The ban is valid and will not be removed. You will need to buy a new game to be able to play on PBBnas streaming servers or servers that dont use our public ban list.


Buy the game from a trusted game retailer and not off of Ebay or similar sites.

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omg xD half of the nicknames not my xD I do not know of how they have the CD-key, Im not banned for its hacks hahaha, I can link you with images that come off the disc orginal I got home, I lovingly paid for someone else

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