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COD4 - PB bans by cfg


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Hello, so as far as I know, some people get banned with cfg's that have some suspicious Cvars.

Well, what I know until now is, any Call Of Dutty title does not "support" any cheats/hacks in multiplayer mode, unless you use real Program Hacks/ Third Party tools or something, that Punk Buster or any other Anti-Cheat system would detect ( like UAC3 or ESL Wire ).

As you know Punk Buster sometimes can kick Cvars that you have in your cfg but, just with diferent values, Cvars that they are based in engine of the game ( the engine reconizes that dvars). If a guy has in his cfg something like " seta wallhack 1 " or " seta mom_autoshot=1 " Whatever.. that means really that works? without a secondary program/third party tool? No, does not work because COD engine, it is a quake-based engine and this engine does not reconize Cvars like that, or at least make them work (alone) .

Also people just download cfg from any website that they give us, like bashandslash, provides some cfg's from Pro people. So if some suspicious Cvar is in one that cfg, would the guy who made it, get banned also? Hm..



Heres my question so, IS really possible Cheat/Hack via CFG in COD? I would like to know if i am wrong or right, I got this doubt about this.


Also what i know about some years ago is, in CS 1.6 does suport this functions at all, cheats via cfg, developed by german people as I know.

I really apreciate some answer about this, Thanks.

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No. Not possible.


On that note we do not ban for "suspicious" Cvars. Nor for any suspicions. http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=info.php

Our bans are based on streamed evidence. Cheat cvars are part of downloaded cheats (and we know which one for each ban), not of a game (noth to do with SP /god etc. or cheat protected MP-game-cvars. Misconception.).


#9001 CVAR & #9002 MD5Tool Bans - Your Participation Highly Encouraged

Poll: Banning players caught with CVAR & MD5Tool Catches (908 member(s) have cast votes)


Do you agree with banning for #9001 CVAR catches?

1. Yes (853 votes Percentage of vote: 93.94% )

2. No (55 votes Percentage of vote: 6.06% )


Discussion is cast (not in public) and will not be opened again.

We will not comment Cheat related subjects in public forums here. Thus: topic closed.



But our banlists are public.

http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-bfcd340d-vb66411.html // we know the used public hack.

http://www.pbbans.com/mbi.php?action=5&ban_id=52685 // we know the used private hack, we have it.





P.S.: UAC3 & ESLWire are snakeoil and detect shit nothing.

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