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Known Issues with Battlefield Play4Free


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1) PB commands executed through RCON will not work because they are not whitelisted.

2) A freshly started server will not stream until a player joins. It will continue to stream until it's restarted. Fixed

3) The server IP shown in the PB client logs is incorrect. It always shows as

4) Also the server IP bug affects PBSS as well. That will cause errors when submitting PBSS to PBBans for the data extraction part.

5) Many players are linked by a common IP in our MPi which in many cases happens to be the UCON source IP. This has resulted in PBBans ignoring player IP's that match the current UCON profile.

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Is there somehow for us to manually submit PBSS from streaming Play4Free servers. Or does #3 also affect the server logs, for instance. Can we manually override the Server:IP that you pull from the SS and type it in?


For instance, we can match a server's screenshots at PBScreens.com, know that it is streaming, however knowing that the IP returned on the actual SS is wrong, does PBBans know the difference on the backend?


I hope that makes sense, and there is a resolution to this, because there are servers that stream here, with plenty of bannable PBSS, but #3 and #4 are holding us back. Any resolution?

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At least we have > 200 PBSS bans for bfp4f, the last one http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-ee3b058b-vb275291.html from September 27, 2012. So submission is not impossible, despite errors.

Difference to other games is, the bfp4f-guid as well the linked IP will return a Blank in MPi-searches (see Post #1: 5) Many players ... )
... so MPi will not be flooded by invalid guid-links (practically: potentially all IPs seen in bfp4f and all bfp4f-guids would be "Linked" together). Nevertheless the IP still can be found with an MBi-Search:

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