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Pbbans ready?


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i did an a account as requested and enterd to the procon the requested lines


but i didnt have any mssg about the service working or not



plz inform me if i did somthing worng or just need to w8 more



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I can only see one application from you and this is what the reply was:



A roster is part of our mandatory requirements. A simple forum thread with a list of in game names of tag wearing players would suffice. It also needs to be viewable to guests. When that's all in place, feel free to re-apply.


Streaming Application Requirements

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surfy hello


i am a manager of BFHQ community we have 5 more servers we wish to add


i cant give u a name roster because BFHQ is not a clan its a multiclan community who have in her possetion 5-6 public servers that i will add after i see all is in order with the server i allready posted

what should i do then with no tags and names? i cant provide u with this info because im hosting to many clans in the community


thnak you for future help.

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If you are applying to stream on behalf of a community/group that is not clan orientated, we require a news item or pinned forum topic stating server details and your intention to stream to PBBans, a tag that relates to your community/group in some way will also be required (tags are mainly used on the PBBans administration side of things so authenticity is not too important)

An admin/contacts list on the website/forum with the name of the applicant on it, is a mandatory requirement.

Please place a direct link to your news item or pinned topic, in the comments box of the team account application form.


Also please do not stream for other clans, each clan needs to go through their own application here in order to stream.

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