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ProCon Beta with BF3 Support


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Yo, it's 1am and I gotta be at the office in like 7 hours. Here is a release that has past initial smoke tests.


The license has changed. It may still be updated/tweaked prior to the full blown release of You can see the license at http://myrcon.com/licenses/myrcon.pdf


Thanks to feeblemedic/aaron for his work on this, as well as Ike and Morph.


Take a backup


Does this work for your current BC2 + MOH servers and plugins?




Ike Edit:

Due to the licensing website linked in the License not currently being live. Could any hosts wanting to register email the following to [email protected]


Company Name

Contact Email

Contact Name

Billing Email

Website link.


Also email this email address if you are not sure if you need a license, or have any licensing related questions



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Please link to this thread, not to the file. We usually have an auto update process but for beta releases we just maintain a thread, like this one. We do this until the bug levels have subsided.

  • Added in preset (hardcore,normal,quickmatch,infantry only) drop down to gameplay server settings panel
  • Added punkBuster.activate to BF3 config generator
  • Added gamemode to team names. Required in BF3 since the map names are not unique and tied to the gamemode, like BC2 and MOH.
  • Fix/cleanup of "UnknownCommand"'s being returned by the server. This wasn't causing any problems, just causing confusion.
  • Removed "Profanity Filter" for BF3. Does not exist in BF3.
  • Disabled "Hardcore" checkbox for BF3. Plans later to make it checked or not if server matches requirements or not.. but later.
  • Fix for UnknownCommand coming through on setting player limit
  • Added R5 to .def
  • Fixed crash on battlemap mouse down when no battlemap is loaded
  • Added vars.password to the config generator
  • Fix for mapList.add not working via layer
  • Fix for reserved slots function not working via layer (though it still does not work on the gameserver!)
  • Fix for maplist functions not working via layer (restart/next)
  • changed version string to be more as named in official wording, still used the minus for better reading
  • added R-4 (879793) version
  • fixed broken global string in sqdm team names
  • changed Map-defs to show Conquest Large/Small
  • reviewed de.loc .. not perfect but...

Despite what some may say...

  • I can never, ever fix a game server crash. If the server is crashing then only Dice can resolve this and they prefer to make their code bullet proof.
  • If doing X within procon crashes your game server, don't do X till the game server is patched.
  • is not a fix all
  • Please duplicate your problem and post it on the forums with over-the-top detailed instructions on how you did it. Seriously: imagine I have never used procon before, because you'll mention something that will make hunting a bug very easy smile.png

Update your game server to the latest possible version - this is the only way to stop server crashes



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