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It would be nice to have several additional message options for to displayed to the players in game.



For example, advertise yourselves! Make an advertisement be displayed giving your link. PBBans should decide on what it says, but allow the streaming server admins to decide if it should be displayed and how often (in minutes) it shows up to everyone.


Server: This server is protected from cheaters by PBBans.com.


This message alone gives instant peace of mind and relief! One of my members ONLY plays on our server because he knows it is running PBBans Hub live banning.



The second message should be an automated message, similar to the greeting presently in place and similar to the one above, only editable. Make it be displayed in the server to everyone informing them of the server provider's clan name, URL, etc. For example:


Server: Please visit *Flaw's at www.flawclan.com. We are recruiting!


By the way, several people have complained to me that the automated message in place now when players connect is annoying and "spam". I've disabled it for now yet I still would like my server to advertise my clan's URL, just not each time someone connects.



Thank you in advance for your consideration.




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You can easily do scrolling chat messages on your own. I don't remember if pb_sv_say works in BF3, so you might have to replace it with whatever the BF3 say command is. But the general idea is:


pb_sv_task 0 60 pb_sv_say "Visit this and that"

pb_sv_task 20 60 pb_sv_say "Visit this 3rd thing too"

pb_sv_task 40 60 pb_sv_say "This is also a message"


in a pb config file (pbsv.cfg for instance).


The first number is the amount of seconds till the first sending of the command after pb_sv_task is started (aka after the config being loaded aka server start usually). The second number is seconds between each consequent sending of the command.


In this example, it would send the first message right on server start and a minute after that. The second message would be sent 20 seconds after server start and a minute after that. Etc. So every minute, all 3 messages are displayed with a 20 second interval. 20 may be too short though, mind you.




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->PBSV: PB UCON "pbbhub1"@ [admin.say " Player Firaja (682021b6) banned for GAMEHACK (80704)" all]


Checked the command now to be sure. The 'all' in the end may be the reason it's not working for you, sorry.


pb_sv_task 0 60 admin.say "Visit this and that" all

pb_sv_task 20 60 admin.say "Visit this 3rd thing too" all

pb_sv_task 40 60 admin.say "This is also a message" all


Should theoretically work. :)




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