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OwNaGe_666, no GUID 6.53 k/d - CANT BAN?


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This guy was on my server this morning, and I noticed a few players in chat were saying he was hacking. So I looked him up (I am using ProCon and saw he had 50 kills and 8 deaths. Then I noticed that he did not have either GUID. Just blank. No country listed either. The Punkbuster tab was grayed out, so no PB info. Multiple friends in game (I was not in myself) complained of his activities. I kicked him from my server, but wanted to see how to ID this guy and see if he's indeed hacking, and how he's doing it.



I am also looking forward anxiously to getting access to tools to identify this behavior. A spectator mode would be awesome. Something to pin these hackers down.

Here are a couple of his battlelog reports. Oddly, mine is not available.




Already a 4 star colonel.

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Sorry my wording isn't up to scratch tonight...


You can report the player to EA on the basis that they've clearly used some kind of cheat/exploit to rank up.


In terms of banning this player; we (PBBans) only ban based on known cheat/hack files being detected which are a positive match to cheats stored within our database - our bans are only issued on servers which stream to us and we are an opt in service.


PunkBuster only bans when EvenBalance issues bans for particular violations, i.e. a cheat is given a violation number and stored in a database, PunkBuster then reports x, y, z users of that cheats and bans are issued.


Neither us nor EvenBalance will issue bans manually for this person - only upon detection of a known cheat.

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So you are suggesting he is cheating, but since I cant prove it, you are stuck. I did try to setup a stream, but I am a solo gamer with my own ranked server. No clan or anything, which I need to join here. I set up GGC streaming for now. Will see if that works.

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