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Hacks still undetected by Punkbuster


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How after so many years can you not crack & detect these hacks (not going to list websites)....how do you guys get these large contracts with EA (Battlefield 3)ect ect?. Im sorry to say but you're developers are not doing there jobs or Punkbuster employees are working for these Aimbot company's, somethings fishy and you need to step up you're game and slam these hackers, everyone knows Punkbuster is at the bottom of the list for cheat detection, when will you're system stop the cheaters? I really want to know after the APB epic fail and now the Battlefield 3 problems, I go to these hack website forums too see if finally people are getting banned and complaining but they still claim punkbuster can't detect there hack...What the hell is going on?? This is insane and it seems only a few are undetected? I think you guys have a corrupted employee(s) This needs to STOP NOW!!

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