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Hacking Community On BF3


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part 1: not our problem as we are not cheater-friendly. So rather ask at the source of the problem (cheater-friendly communities) than here :P


part 2: old news click.


That is what/all/the_user-group cheaters get here: click


... His forum account is suspended until 2020 :)


*Benway adjusts* we are not that lenient ^_^

take it from me, there is nothing of any value he could tell, he's dull as a cheese sandwich.

As he didn't get the streaming-hack thingy quite right at the time, he kept connecting to ~30 bf2142 servers with new guid each time + same outdated hack to receive 30 bans, none took the time to explain him what a released violation (with bygone delay) is ... "fake" with same IP, 0rly? bunny was not impressed

btw these bans are all valid (to certain idiots: change GUID by changing a single registry.reg value + restart + reconnect is no fake) even though the cited "anti-cheat"-community still comes up with these as "fake bans". Apparently they have no clue what that is, otherwise they had initiated countermeasures against the spam off untrustworthy sources (habitual cheaters streaming servers for instance, you get the idea, right?) they still keep releasing themselves.




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