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Problem with streaming Application


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Can not register our clan CCCP to work at PBBans streaming, I get an error:

1. The clan tag you entered is already in use

2. You did not enter a valid website address (Include http:// in front).


to 1.

I want to register our clan CCCP only for games AA2 and AA3, more clans with such a tag does not exist in these games!

You have registered clan CCCP, for the game "Server Type: Battlefield Bad Company 2", which has the status "Server was not found". But now how to us register our server for our clan CCCP Server Type: Americas army 3 (our clan has existed for many years)?


to 2.

http:// Included in front !


P.S. Our clan tag is registered as CCCP on the www.evenbalance.com, sorry for my bad English!

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