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vBulletin or ip.Board?


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The opinions on these forums may be biased to an extent so please try to keep an open mind if you reply. Based on experience, which would you all say is a better solution to purchase and use?


From my understanding, ip.Board is very well coded while vBulletin still has quite a few bugs to work out. Security is #1 me. The one feature I'd like to have is a thumbs up and thumbs down option for topics/posts to give user ratings based on the quality of their content. A thanks system would be nice to have too.


ip.Board seems expensive at $150 for just 6 months of updates and support while vBulletin is cheaper at $195 and is supported until the end of the current version's life.


Thoughts and opinions?

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They both have their advantages and disadvantages. I, for one, prefer vBulletin. However, some people prefer IPB. You can check out this chart and maybe you can come up with a choice that fits your site:




You can click the link in my sig to see my vBulletin site.


P.S. Just so you know, when you buy a full vbulletin license, it does not expire, and does not have to be renewed ever. One price and done! :smilie_daumenpos:



For IPB renewal

$25.00 for every six months = $50.00 year for updates and upgrades.


For vBulletin Renewal

Once you buy a license, there is no renewal for the publishing suite and you have full access to www.vbulletin.org modifications and upgrades forever.

If you buy a standard forums only license, then the license may expire every year and may have to be renewed. I am not sure on that as I have the publishing suite, which has blog, CMS, free support (Forums and Member Support) and a bunch of others.

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P.S. Just so you know, when you buy a full vbulletin license, it does not expire, and does not have to be renewed ever. One price and done! :smilie_daumenpos:


IPB is the same. It costs $25 every 6 months to extend that support for another 6 months. Includes access to IPB Marketplace, Download Access (Access to new versions of IP.Board is available with this license), Spam Monitoring Service, iPhone Push Notifications


The purchase of a standard or business license includes 6 months of technical support, services, and product updates. After 6 months, there is an optional ability to renew the license to continue accessing these things. However, the license itself is still valid and the board can continue being used in it's current form.




I prefer IPB as it 's more advanced and modern plus seems to be more secure.

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