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prior kick/ban


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Hi guys.....i was banned from sof2 servers a long time ago..when i was young, and a hacker...but after i was caught, i could not play because of pb banned me...50$ down the drain...but now i want to play again...but when i go into servers, i get a kick saying Prior Kick/ban...and im banned permanently.....all i want to do is play again...i want to try to appeal my case...but i cant figure out what my guid is lol...can someone tell me how to find that out, so i can try to appeal??! thanks guys

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$10 for a new game will allow you to play again, unless of course its a hardware ban .... then its a little more expensive.


here's a hint though .... dont buy ysed parts on ebay ;)

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Uh I baught my entire comp on ebay fully assembled :-(.

I must say dude, I have no compassion for hackers, all you want to do is play again? All we have ever wanted to do is play in a hack free enviornment. As far as I am concerned you can play again after I die. DC

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