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Server not Streaming


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Hello, the server got accepted today for streaming, and was approved. However it says it is not streaming.


I have tried running the automated setup (twice) both time come back with no errors, also the server is not empty (not sure if that matters). I am unsure what to do next (I'm assuming it is a problem on my end).




Stuff you may or may not need:


Server IP:

Battlelog Server IP


Gametracker Link (included for any other server information you may need that you don't have yet)


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you added it to your account with the wrong port


rcon port for setup and join or game port to add to account


i added the correct combo and it instantly streamed


go to AccCP and remove the incorrect one


---------- Account Information ----------

Team: S3xy Clan (S3XY)

Website: http://www.s3xyclan.com

Account ID: 12259

Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 2)


---------- Server List ----------

BF3 - (Streaming)

BF3 -


---------- User List ----------

FoxMcCarther (174986)


---------- Helpful Links ----------

Account Management

CVAR / MD5 Scans (Setup and Use)

PBBans Hub Flags

Master Player Index

Automated Streaming Setup

Not Streaming Fix



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