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RO2 Developer Update


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Hello everyone!


We started this week off with a bang, getting the often mentioned, ever slightly delayed SDK out the door for all users! Along with working server redirects this means players can create while server admins host and play their maps. We've already been spending some quality time with the two custom maps already released: Butovo and Ogeldow.


Remember this is a full SDK. You can make everything from maps, weapons, vehicles, the small mutators that tweak the game in some fashion, to gigantic total conversions that change everything! To take a poke yourself head to your steam Tools list and download it today! If you would just like to enjoy the creations of others, check out the modding and mapping sections of this forum and provide constructive feedback to the creators!


As some of you may have noticed in our steam OGG messages, we are playing around with the servers to test various things related to players reports on high player count/ping issues. This work will continue in the near future with more requests but we are putting pen to pad right now with what we've learned.


As to the future, we've scheduled a large content update for RO 2 similar to what you've come to expect from us in the past via RO 1 and KF. We'll be posting media and information on that as we get closer to what we feel is a comfortable release date.


We also just got done testing a Rising Storm map and things are looking good for the Pacific Front. But I suspect Tony/Nestor and the crew over at RS will be keeping you more updated on that front in the near future!


We've also been doing alot of discussion and work internally about changes to the game. This includes core game changes, UI updates and enhancements as well as the community referred to "RO Classic" mode. We feel we have a good idea on what the community as a whole would like to see out of it (and are working towards that), but we also know that everybody has different opinions as well (You should see some of our debates in the office!).


With that in mind we would like to see a focused (AND CIVIL) discussion by the community in this thread as to what "RO Classic" means to them. We know this is a subject that many people are passionate about, but play nice or you will be escorted out of the forums. is2.gifis2.gif


As a heads up I will not be in the office next week, so communication from me may be minimal at best. But I will have the mods patrolling the forums and this thread in particular. With that in mind, get your SDK grubby hands dirty and your minds thinking!

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January 25th Update:


Welcome to the latest edition of what we are up to thread. To start things off, I'll just recap what was released yesterday, the new Rising Storm teaser trailer!





I will also remind everyone that they are heading into a beta stage soon and are looking for bodies to storm the beaches and jungle towns of the south pacific. Make sure to keep checking the Rising Storm section of the forums to stay up to date on the latest: http://forums.tripwireinteractive.co...splay.php?f=91


Many of you know (and the rest of you should quickly find out) the SDK is out and users are hard at work already creating maps and mutators. To help with that in the short term and the long we've been posting guidelines in the forums and we will be releasing example content in a future SDK update. Combine that with what we always do...... Contests! While we don't have any dates ready yet, one can assume that content creation contests for the RO 2 SDK are in the works and creators might want to get an early start!


Looking forward as we have mentioned before we are working on our own first content update for RO 2. What you can expect with this one is the first of several maps we are working on as well as the Multiplayer Campaign feature, allowing users to fight across the entire battle of Stalingrad! This mode allows the teams to choose what territories to attack or to decide to defend while they hold an advantage and let their enemies grind themselves to death in the cold hard winter.


While we continue to work on bugs and improve features already existing we have been looking at the wants and needs of the various groups in the community. Now before you start gathering the pitchforks and lighting the torches, on to the subject that many of you want to know more about. The so called "RO Classic (Community named it, we didn't! And no, that is only the working title)


We are not committing to a time frame on its release, however we will be bringing the RO 2 Beta back into action so players will have a chance to give us feedback early on in the process as things get done and rolled into it.


While many of the fine details are still being worked on (we know you want them and we plan to provide!) let me walk you through a brief overview of some of the things we are working on.


The current plan involves keeping most of the new features of RO 2, however one of the main and most requested items is the removal of the weapon upgrade system and replacing it with a standardized loadout. I can confirm that we will be implementing a system like this for the new mode. And no, we have not yet finalized specific loadouts and weapon availability.


As we move forward and things finalize we will be taking a new approach to how we handle information and media releases (at least when it comes to the community). As things firm up we will be talking about them sooner with specific detail and releasing media over a longer period of time. So expect to see this begin in the weeks ahead.


Along those lines, while nothing is final yet we are looking into stances, the stamina system, and their relationship with each other for this mode as well. So stay tuned to these weekly announcements as things firm of for more detail and information.


Before I end this "what we are up to post", I would like to point out that we are hiring for several new positions here at Tripwire so if you are skilled and interested, keep an eye on our employment page over at www.tripwireinteractive.com. As you know, we are passionate about games, and continue to support our products for years to come and you will have a chance to work on a variety of titles.

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