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Please fix general ban servers in BT3


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Please fix general ban BT3 servers could send the issue to all ADMIN each server??


I let them in,then put the sign showing the Game Manager when I try to enter a server, I could tell if that fixes please???


Thank you.



Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for player 'Kashmant' ... Prior Kick/Ban





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As I said on irc last night... Your ban has been removed from PBBans, but you will still find your GUID is stll banned from some servers because those servers aren't streaming, but are using our public banlist. When a GUID is banned on a streaming server it's automaticly banned on all other streaming servers for that game. When a GUID is unabnned from PBBans it's also unbanned, again automaticly from all streaming servers for that game. Server admins that don't stream and use our public banlist update manually (not automaticly). So, when the server admins of the servers you're still getting a ban from update their banlist your GUID will no longer be banned on those servers.

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AcE, thanks for your answer, sorry that suddenly I had not put attention on the IRC but I jumped with excitement when I removed the ban and cries of joy and I think that would not let me see what I wrote. We deeply appreciate your help and please give greetings to your colleagues administrator.


For Mr. MaydaX, I thank you for sending the report, I just try my wife at home, because I'm at work and she was so happy, I was sad, but missed me so sad to imagine that could have been it forme, I'd like to be part of Mr. MaydaX friends, I will send the invitation to Xfire but it appears that some time you will not connect, then I would be honored to be part of the list of friendsand if you have a server BT3, forming part of the list for thatserver. Thanks for everything and please, when a person asks to be forgiven the ban, study well the case because not everyone cheats, people that we like to have fun with our friends and family,and I am one of them, life is for enjoy and that there are bad people there are who think they are right over the heads of others, but there are other people like me who were deceived and used the game with the supposed good intentions of playing for the damage to my I did. Thank you very much. Gentlemen all, I hope to be a member and to help this good cause.

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Good evening, I can apologize for any inconvenience cause, but I could help eveninforming me if I reported on some server? is that apparently I'm still listed by the hack,I'm sorry but I think this will bring me problems, I do not know anything more about that incident, but I want to clean all traces of it, if I could help them infinitely grateful, that I havediscouraged. Thanks.

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Some BF3 servers do not have the "Allow Unban Commands" flag enabled, so you may still be on their ban list.


Tell the server admin to issue the pb_sv_unbanguid "0a90db9be1a5d8f32af75cfb8c0f0327" command

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