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Streaming Denied cuz of Mistake


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Hi there



I recently applied to stream my clan's servers to PBBans. We own around 4 servers.


My application was denied because my GUID was apparently a 'leaked key' being used in the US and Belgium.



I'm here to inform you that this is the cause because I (I am from Belgium) go to the USA like 3 times a year for around 2 weeks and play CoD4 there.


That is the reason why my GUID is being used in the USA aswell.



I can even specify where it was being used as a proof to you guys - you didn't mention where in the USA - my guid is completely clean.


Guid is being used in West - Flanders, Belgium aswell as Cape Coral, FL, USA.


I hope you guys can accept my streaming application now.


LINK: http://www.pbbans.com/forums/extreme-snipers-ex-t155296.html





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what was the GUID again?


also i do not see you on the clan roster


there do seem to be several broken links on it though


maybe a text list posted in public would be helpful


if you have another GUID that hasn't been traveling the world, you could use it also

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