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ZealHost.com, UK & USA, Hosting from £12/year, PBBans Discount


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Hello PBBans Members and Steamers!


¦ About ZealHost


ZealHost.com has been around since 2009 to offer low cost web hosting solutions without the overselling that most companies do. Our client base is mostly local businesses and clan/community websites.


Our company stands out as we recommend all clients to start at our lowest package and work themselves up (unless you know what you need). This allows you to spend as little as possible and not waste money on unused space.


Companies that offer you substantially high disk space and bandwidth (unlimited) at a ridiculous price, invite plenty of bad customers that abuse their servers for scripts and/or files that could potentially hinder your website useless. The word "unlimited" is used quite allot and don't be fooled by this 'marketing' term. Unlimited is used to give the impression that your getting more for less. ZealHost.com website only uses around 40MB, so don't think that more is better!




Back in the days I used to own/run a clan community website called Shadow Blades with Duality. Back then I used to manage the website and servers. I understand the importance of a smooth running website and what PBBans require to allow your clan/community to start streaming your servers. All our servers are also eco friendly and never oversold.


ZealHost was actually born to help new members actually pass their application process, our very first clients were new PBBans members wanting to stream their servers. Many of them are still Streaming Admins to this day!


¦ FREE transfer and Start Package


If you want to transfer away from your old host, we will transfer your website over with minimum/no downtime. Starter Pcakge - If you are new to PBBans and wish to start streaming your servers we will upload a website and guide you through the application process.



Discount Code: PBBANS10

Ends: 14/02/2012

Max Uses: 10

Conditions: Profesional/Expert Package Only


The discount will enable you to receive a recurring 10% OFF off the hosting packages above. We will then upgrade your account free of charge to the next package!


If you choose our "Expert Package" - We will add 10GB of Bandwidth, 1GB of Disk Space and offer you our VIP support Addon.


We will upgrade your package within 24 hours.


Order Now


¦ PBBans Discount "PBBANS20"


The discount will enable you to receive a recurring 20% OFF any hosting package. Use the "Order Now" button to be directed straight to the order page with the discount included.


¦ Starter Package

750MB Disk

5GB Bandwidth

99.8% Guaranteed Uptime



£15 p/year w/out Discount

£12 p/year (reccuring) w/discount "PBBANS20"


Order UK | Order USA




¦ Professional Package


1.5GB Disk

10GB Bandwidth

99.8% Guaranteed Uptime

FREE Domain for LIFE

R1Soft Daily Backups



£30 p/year (£2.99 p/month) w/out Discount

£24 p/year (£2.40 p/month) (reccuring) w/discount "PBBANS20"


Order UK | Order USA


¦ Expert Package


3GB Disk

20GB Bandwidth

99.8% Guaranteed Uptime

FREE Domain for LIFE

R1Soft Daily Backups

Unlimited SSL Certificates (Dedicated IP Needed)



£50 p/year (£4.99 p/month) w/out Discount

£40 p/year (£4.00 p/month) (reccuring) w/discount "PBBANS20"


Order UK | Order USA



¦ Main Features


Eco Friendly Servers

Cloud Linux

cPanel / WHM

Litespeed Servers

R1Soft Backups


RVSite Builder

60 Days Moneyback Guarantee


Many More!


¦ Optional Extras


Daily Backups

VIP Support (Double Referral Commission, 3rd Party Help)

Additional Space (with our Expert Package)

Dedicated IP Address

PositiveSSL Certificates


More Info


¦ VPS & Dedicated Servers


We also have a selection of VPS and Dedicated Servers to choose from!


VPS Servers | Dedicated Servers


¦ Server Location


UK - SynergyWorks

USA - Softlayer


More Info



¦ Domains (With FREE Hosting)


Get FREE hosting with any domain and increase your plan for a small fee if you need too!


FREE Hosting

FREE Domain Theft Protection

FREE DNS Management

FREE Privacy Protection

FREE Email Accounts


£7.99 p/year

.com | .net

Order Now / More Info


If you require any more information or want to request a personal quote, do not hesitate to contact us below in our signature, or visit our site for livechat!


Kind Regards,


Lee Johnson

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