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How to do a background check for BANS on a battlefield 3 member?


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Hey everyone, I am just wondering where I can do a background check for bans on battlefield 3. I saw that you can check on this website, but it requires a GUID witch I cannot figure out how to get for other players. Can anyone help? Thanks

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If you have a server or are in a clan that is streaming, you can either apply for streaming or ask your clan account holder to add you. Once you're approved, you can check out people by GUID, alias, or user ip

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First of all, Welcome to PBBans.com


Second, if you have a PB supported game server and would like to stream it here, feel free to apply for Streaming Game Admin status here:



You may also want to check this out as well:



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to post them here in the forums.


Or, you can ask any staff member for assistance. :)

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