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Couple of questions about how things work


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Hello all, I am new to this so what I am about to ask might already be common knowledge.


While browsing throught this forums I ve been reading about pb kicks and bans for people using AHK, I am aware that some players are using AHK for macros which are as bad as hacks.

However AHK is a program that is used for all kind of useful and legitimate purposes, I am surprised to learn that people got punished for just running the program while playing the game.


My point is how are player supposed to know what they can be using without the risk of being banned?


- Are things like hardware drivers (mouse and keyboards), overlays (fraps, ts3, mumble...) safe to use?


I remember with COD4 fraps would generate a kick for disallowed program driver, which although was a misterious enough warning it was not a ban.



- Is there a listing for the meaning of the codes given for each kick/ban?


Obviously I don't expect the listing to tell us what hack is safe to use or not, but a description of legitimate programs that generate a kick would be very useful so players stand a chance to turn them off before playing games.

In the case of bans generated the same way, well they should never happen.

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i always assume overlays and macros may at least get me kicked.


the reason for overlays is simple - they "hack" the game


there is a general explanation of the violation numbers somewhere......(ninja anyone?)


a support ticket to Even Balance with specific programs/overlay/macro/etc questions is the only definitive answer


updates/patches/etc will change the answer

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I realize overlays and macros can be used to cheat but if players happen to be using applications for totally legitimate reasons, they should NEVER be banned.

I can understand a kick if PB is unsure about something but no more than that.


I hear a lot about the AHK and I guess I ve been lucky.

I was using it myself up till a few weeks back, the BF3 menu didn't let me bind the "\" key to one of the gadgets in the game.

I used AHK to map that key to "4" so I could use it ingame.


I think this was the script for it:




If what I m reading here and there is true, that could have got me banned.

Although I was aware that PB might kick for applications using overlays and macros, the above is neither.

Some might say that it is a macro, but then anybody who uses a mouse, keyboard and reassigns keys or buttons,

Players who modify their keys using the ingame "configure keys" are guilty of the same infringement.


One of the points I am trying to make is that those with no intention of cheating are unlikely to know that their innocent actions might lead to bans/kicks.

That's why I think more information about what is safe to use or not could be given.

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