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Hey all!


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Thought I would say "hi" to everyone sense I just got into these forums. I belong to the ATF clan and will be frequenting these forums. I actually already have a friend of mine with an issue...




henry-CerbruS - An active clan mate of mine that is having multiple PB issues. This one was the last problem he had. Last time he was banned for key binding since he has a G15 Logitech. Now he was banned for a gamehack. I'm not really appealing as it is closed, but what I am going to ask is what triggered this ban? What exactly is/was the gamehack? I'm trying to help him figure out the problem so it doesn't happen again, just in case it was something like the key board.





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Well the ban is been denied, so Evenbalance says its an valid ban.


What exact programs or cheat releated things could trigger this ban, no idea. only EB knows.

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