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Thought Netzero died in the 90's? Not so! They're offering free 200MB of 4G internet (piggybacking on Sprint's 4G network). No ads or catches. Just in hopes you'll sign up for a larger plan' date=' which are cheaper or comparable to the competition. 200MB ain't much, but for free it's not bad at all. You have to buy a $50 card first, but after that there are no contracts or hidden fees (from what I've read so far) and unlike other services, according to Netzero they shut off your service once you reach your limit instead of charging you overage.




As soon as I get $50 to spare I'm getting one. Never know when it may come in handy.[/quote']



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I saw the same story but the deatisl were slightly different.


You can sign up for free for upto a year...you can upgrade your account (pay) but once you do that you cannot go back down to a free account.

The initial $50 is for trhe usb plugin gadget that acts as your antenna...or you can pay $100 for one of thier Hotspot boxes.


And its not piggybacking Sprints service...its using the technology that Clearwire started out using 2 yrs ago (which Sprint also use).


I don't know how great of a deal it is...but I do know that when I had Clearwire using this it sucked...it has serious issues accessing the interior of buildings, the box had to be located on a window ledge for any kind of signal.And that wasn't just my opinion. Clearwire got many many complaints from ppl in the first month of thier accounts due to service reliablility...there were (and maybe still are) devoted to this.


And Clearwire are starting to phase out this tech in favor of more reliable options......so Caveat Emptor (Let the buyer beware).



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