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Im Lost


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i do not see that an application was submitted


Joining PBBans

Joining PBBans as a Streaming Game Admin can be achieved in 3 easy steps:

  1. Create a forums account. (If you have one goto step 2)
  2. Setup your servers to stream using the PBBans Hub Guide.
  3. Signup for a Team Account.
  4. Verify your account has been setup by visiting the Forums.






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In the past we had a Joint Operations server streaming here and when I do this application it is telling me that the clan name is in use. Could you check and see if im in the database and I can just update that account?

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There are several groups registered here with that name. Two of which seem like duplicates :P


|1st Marine Division| - |1st MD| - Team is InActive - www.1stmd.net


1st Marine Division - 1st MD - Team is InActive - www.1stmd.net


2/1E 1st Marine Division - 2/1E - Team is InActive - http://www.1stmarinediv.net/


If you're part of www.1stmd.net, the users registered to the clans are Evers (117099) and for the duplicate group: Jones21 (123641) or if you're part of http://www.1stmarinediv.net/ , get in contact with AlarmTerry (131899)

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