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You know you want to spend some of the moldy money that you have under your bed. :P


Last time I bought the latest and greatest GFX on release was in 2006 when I got a 8800GTS. No point in having the latest anymore with games being more CPU dependent. My i5-2500K was a great investment when it came out.


For $500 I'd rather get myself a nice tablet.

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This is the card i was looking at for my rig, abit expensive giving it a few more months on ebay then i be a happy chappy :)

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I never used any type of warranties anyways. :)


While that's good, you should definitely still register the card within 30 days of purchase. Something as mundane as logging in, and uploading an image of your receipt. There are so many people that buy Evga and other branded cards, have something go wrong and get upset on their forum of choice because their warranty defaulted to one year because they didn't do something as simple as register the card.

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