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Punkbuster kicks me out and missing weapons in some servers


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Never tried a cheat but i even get kicked from a non punkbuster server called Mk Unranked, which seems impossible, but it did twice, sometimes kicks me others not, it seems quite random. After uninstalling punkbuster it just kicked me out without saying punkbuster, just saying it kicked me out. Also when i try to join some other non punkbuster servers i dont have all my weapons and in others yes, which i dont understand why.


I get kicked and receive the message "Service communication failure : PnkBstrB.exe initialization failed".

Some days i get this message the whole day and others it works fine, without changing anything.

I tried being admin of windows xp sp 3 to restart pc, reinstall game, restart router, enable/disable DMZ, enable/disable UPnP, disabling firewall and antivirus in pc, disabling router firewall, uninstall steam and other applications that might be incompatible, reinstall punkbuster with pbsvc.exe and restarted, deleted the pb folder from bad company and updated with pbsetup.exe, moving PnkBstrK.sys from documents and settings to system32/drivers but nothing works at all.


I removed punkbuster yesterday and i tried to play and i couldnt and today when i try to install punkbuster again it tells me pnkstra.exe not found in the install and then quits, install window just last about a second and then dissapears.


So basically i cant play in any server but the ones without punkbuster and without any of my weapons but the starting ones, thanks to punkbuster.

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