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Im having trouble with cg_gun x y z

Its for a game called tremulous, which is being ported over to a openwolf engine. I have a problem with 1st person


- These weapons are not shootable but do replace weapons that do shoot. Their actually swinging claws with the click of a mouse.

- They work when you open the counsel and type in cg_gunx 10 to place the claws in a better viewing position. But the swing animation doesnt work...



Another person im working with actually played around with cg_gunx, y, and z to make the claws swing back and forth when you right click. The swinging animation eventually worked. Via md3...

He cant remember what #'s he put in for the cg_gunx y and z to make them work though...


Does anybody know how can I be able to fix this problem... To be able to just start the game and automatically have the claws working with the animation


Other info- here are the claws in the openwolf engine- the claws swinging(or attack animation) dosnt work of course-



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