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Ashamed of all these cheaters...


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I can't believe that many people would cheat like that. And it's a real shame to see people in clans banned, they are obviously using them because they have no skills at all, and cry everytime they get get killed or lose a battle. :evil:


I've heard a cheater on a server when someone caught them, say "It's just a game", well I said "Then why are you cheating if it's just a game?"


I can't believe it though. :mad:


That's my view on it

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maybe you guys just suck...

i cheated once, i forget when it was probly like over a month ago. but i never cheated before then, the only reason i did it was to associate someones name i didnt like to hacking(considering all the people that get banned from word of mouth and bs no proof shit) and it was posted on some forums that he hacked and he got banned from some servers so my mission was accomplished and i uninstalled and chenged my name back to my own simple as that. take it or leave it


it makes me sad when i see people specing and wasting there time demoing people and spending all day trying to catch cheaters so the game will be more fun. HOW IS IT SUPPOSED TO BE FUN IF YOU NOOBIE ASS CLANS NEVER SCRIM AND DONT EVEN LEAVE YOUR FKN SERVER!!


note to you noob clans:


until then keep posting here and talking amongst yourselves

please flame this thread up because i wont be viewing it again. im done here bye-bye :roll:

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just cause u dont have the smarts to code doesnt give u the right to bad mouth people we hax cause we have knowledge that u do not have so stfu azzholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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lol u hax cuz u have knowledge? lmao


if u had knoweldge ud know better than to admit in public forums that u cheated to associate a players name with a hack. do u know that in every forum u go ur ip is loged and ppl can search that ip to see what name it matches?


oh shit u had never acknowledged that?


lmao fucking noobs lol. and btw no one gets banned by word of mouth lol. ppl dont get banned cuz pb ss and demos dont show enough, u think they'd get banned just cuz someone said it? omfg u have knowledge lol so much u can hax ooh wait didnt u download everything? lol

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Wow ..... you actually said something worth while Forcey :shock:


For the idiots above you, I can not say in words what i would like to, so I will let a picture talk for me





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Damn.....and to think that we are from the same species. I think maybe you have some personal issues you need to deal with. Ever thought about seekin a priest and confessin your sins? Nah, that wouldn't help ya....maybe drop your computer and stomp it....that would help all the rest of us.

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It's true that there are many servers where you will be accused of cheating and even get banned with no evidence you actually cheated. I and many others am banned from servers like this. I was banned from /NEVADIE/ just last week and had been kicked from that server MANY times under different aliases purely for getting a high ratio. This is sad but nothing we can do much about. I tried repeatedly and politely to convince them to check out pbbans to see who I was and to educate themselves on what to look out for if you suspect cheating. They refused to believe anything I said even when I pointed out one of their members is on our banlist for playing with removed textures.


Posted Image


Seeing this shot they accused me of fabricating it myself and even after I gave them the link to the pbss checker program they refused to accept even the possibility it could be a genuine catch.


One thing these servers that regularily accuse and ban people for "cheating" with no evidence have in common is... they are not members of pbbans.


On the subject of attempting to set up Spazz {OUR}'s server admin as well as others did at first think it was Spazz untill I showed him it wasn't. It was widely known it was you and not Spazz amongst server admin by the next day. All you successfully managed to do was get banned from TWL, suspended from CAL and I don't know what else as a result.


Spazz didn't get banned from any server on "hearsay" as far as I know because they didn't have his GUID to begin with.

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