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We changed our server to a new location and I have added the server to the account but I dont remember where or what tool I used to configure the server to make it stream. Can anyone help me out?

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I think it was here:




When I go there I dont get the tool I get this:


This application only prepares your server to stream to PBBans. Once complete you will need to add the server ip to your account. If you do not have a PBBans account visit here for more information on how to create one.


Please note this tool WILL overwrite the pbsv.cfg file by default on your server (By issuing the pb_sv_writecfg command). If you do not wish to overwrite your config, please uncheck the Write Config box. If you are running any league configs we advise not enabling the Write Config option.


For Red Orchestra 2, please enter you username and password seperated with a colon as your RCON password. Example admin:mypassword


This java based applicaton is client side only and no data is stored on or sent to the PBBans website

For more information on applet security please visit Sun Java



Is there a link to the tool or am I doing something wrong???

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when i had java installed it gave me a java sub window on FF


i have uninstalled java and flash since then and the app box is missing


on chrome it shows a broken java window and prompts me to install java

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