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Hello. Dear admins, i want to know, what does it mean?


MD5Tool ["user.cfg" SZ404 AT0 READ_FAIL LEN404 3A7C9B580AD6ECF298993F9E3FBFC8E0] from (slot# 5) Arch_bf


Is it something illegal? or it's a result of reading fail procedure?



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Nothing to worry about. It's a custom md5 check a server admin has added to his/her server. Not sure why as it's a stock config file the game uses.


If I recall it just means the check tried to read 404 bytes (SZ404) but the file was smaller so it gave that READ_FAIL error instead.





There are two special cases. First, if a filename is specified that does not exist, the MD5Tool utility program will output a line that ends with "NOT_FOUND". This may be useful to admins who want to make sure that players do not have a file with a specific name. For example, in Quake3, it may be useful to know that players do not have a baseq3/pak9.pk3 file. The second special case is if parameters are specified such that the MD5Tool utility program tries to read beyond the end of the target file. In this case, a line that ends with "READ_FAIL" will be output. We encourage admins to not use any file checks that contain a "READ_FAIL" message.



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