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Clanoutpost Gameservers Pricings


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Hello PBBans members and guests




Tired of paying too much for your servers and always having them crash and then waiting hours for them to be put back online? Well your search is over!


Our servers are located in Chicago so All North American players can have a decent ping while our friends over to the east can still play with us and not have a really high ping.


We offer games from as low as $0.60 a slot to the more higher memory usage games for $2.80 a slot!

Minecraft Servers as low as $7.00 and as high as $60 per server. You paid per the MB not per slots


We offer Redirects for a low price of only $9.00 a month! We offer Webhosting for as low as $5.00 a month. We also offer Teamspeak 3 servers for only $0.25 a slot!


We offer a huge variety of games and can host plenty more then what we have up on our site.

We offer games from ARMA2 for as low as $2.80 a slot all the way through to Wolfenstien Enemy Territory at $0.75 a slot or the old games like Battlefield 1942 for as low as $0.60 a slot!


Halo Servers now $0.50 a slot!


If you rent 5 or more servers from us you get a discount promo code. This promocode can be used by you only to lower the server prices and to lower your next purchase. The promo code is 20% all servers that you rent from us. This is our way of helping out clans money wise.



We offer a refer program that offers 100% Account Credit per client refered.


If you have any questions at all you can contact me at


Email - [email protected]

Xfire - skystriker98

Why wait anylonger? Come get your Gameservers today!




Thank you and happy gaming!


Clanoutpost Gameservers


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Clanoutpost Gameservers is now offering Package Deals!

Our most popular games we now have a package deal that can save you up to $16.80!

The package includes Call of Duty 4, Counter Strike Source and Counter Strike 1.6. We offer 3 packages per game.


First Package "Team Starter"

24 Public slots

16 Private slots

16 Voice slots



Second Package "Clan Starter"

32 Public slots

18 Private slots

22 Voice



Third Package "Community Starter"

32 Public slots x2 (Your able to combine the 32 slots to make a 64 slot server)

18 Private slots

32 Voice slots



You can check them our here. http://cogameservers.com/packages


Thank you and have a great day!


Clanoutpost Gameservers


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