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Using your downloaded ban list?


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I would like to use PBBans, however the clan I am starting, is bring new, with not mean members, and the site, isn't live yet, so would not be able to stream due to this.


I understand I can download your ban list, is this correct?

Where do I get the download?

Is there a how-to, to add the ban list?

Is there away to upload the list without FTP?

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What game do you need this for?


Ban lists are for public use.


Click here:



Scroll down the the game you are the admin of and go over to the left side to where it says "Overview, Latest, Download, Customize" and click on Download.


It will download a file called "name_pbbans.dat". Rename it to pbbans.dat and upload via FTP or admin panel to your games "/game/main/pb" directory. Save and restart pb by issuing the pb_sv_restart command in your console or restart the whole server.

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Just a quick question, just got the BF3 server and see I can edit a pb/pbbans.dat

Can I download the pbbans.dats from here, and then copy and paste from the download file to the server file and save it?

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I do have 1 more question.

How often do the downloadable file update, is it daily, hourly, or when someone is banned?

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