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PB Stance on External Overlays?


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Hi guys,


Just after some clarification on the use of external overlays in game.


Mainly concerning the use of an overlay to plant a reference cross-hair on the screen so increased visibility (due to my eye-sight the default colour is very hard to see) is possible.


From the little I have been able to find on this issue from google searches, the general consensus seems to be that it should be ok, seeing as the overlay is not hooking into the game, nor is it reading/writing anything in memory either, so it in no way gives one an advantage any more than blue-tack on the screen would.


I'm here mainly for clarification as to whether or not the use of such an overlay would be considered legal?



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Thanks for the quick reply.


Looks like the coloured Blue-Tack will be back on the shopping list now.


If possible are you able to explain why PB-Bans consider it a hack? Seems a little odd a software overlay would be when one could force a hadware one through drivers, or more easily put something on the screen?

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If it interacts with the game, ie hooks into it the game to display the crosshair then that is a no-no in my book. But if it's an overlay like Steam or Origin, then it should be fine IMO.

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