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about caught cheating / cheaters


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I think you are doing a fantastic job on PBbans.

I just cuddle for every one how get busted

I check how many numnutts that have been caught cheating.

But I hope you can catch those before they come in to any server and destroys the days of many who play seriously because it's fun and want to avoid cheaters.


But now to my question? will not stop the cheaters to continue to play? and are not their acc banned in every game they have . in my opinion, to stand any costly to try to play with cheats , you have a game or 10 games,

all their games would be banned to Them for life. one who has been been caught cheating


and when i was locking for one that has ben caught 07:03 2012. whit PbSS ( ESP HACK )

and then he was still playing still and, got busted again for the same reason 07:12 2012 PBSS (ESP HACK )

and to my surprise I see that he has been going there again for the same reason 07:16 2012 PB SS ( ESP HACK


And I have had many servers both BC2 and some CZ servers and have never seen anything that anyone could play on the same Acc again and specifically are not having such a good evidence .so howe is that possib?.

and then i lock in to that bys acc When I check his BF3 page, I found that from 07: 18 2012 about lunch time today, he has been playing again? and according to your own side, he is banned?? how is this only possible?


It is supposed to cost, if you have 10 games should not be able to play somewhere even on unprotected serves


like this dudde. Karpuhin_Msk

link . http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-acac83d4-vb270090.html


but we hope you some day can caught cheaters

before it joins a server, so you do not need them right away. you could not get a better support from dice to stitch back the cover. guess it can not be that hard, but just a question of will. and good programming. for one can make a stand big games you can sew again for cheating. I'm old at age 50 when I was growing up you had to learn not to cheat in Monopoly



Clan Calvados


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If I'm right you are asking how is it possible that this player was playing eventhough there were a screenshots showing the in use hack on July 3rd, 12th and 16th.


Mine is only half-baked knowledge but I think the situtation is like this:

These screenshots were taken on these dates and was submitted, then as you can see on the same link this ban was added at: July 17, 2012 7:15 am, and the ban is based on the screenshots.


From the ban being added he can't play on any PB protected server that streams to PBBans, however he can still play on PB protected servers not streaming because he is not globally banned by Evenbalance. Thats probably the reason you saw him playing today.

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