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  1. Hey Taz, sent you a message, check it out! :)

  2. jokerfearless

    Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Episode VII

    Possible outcome?
  3. jokerfearless

    Hurricane Sandy

    Take care Taz!
  4. jokerfearless

    12 Quadrillion Euro Phone Bill

    If it was to me I would have loved to agree on that plan they offered, just for the sake of fun.
  5. jokerfearless

    PB Kick " Unknown Windows API Function "

    Have you tried updating or reinstalling your pb? Also, can you list all the programs you are running when you get this error?(using task manager)
  6. jokerfearless

    PB Kick " Unknown Windows API Function "

    What is your antivirus software? Are you telling the full kick reason? (I'm thinking about a number at the end)
  7. jokerfearless

    I was banned for aimbot - yet I use no aimbot

    You are globally banned by evenbalance. Read this: http://www.pbbans.com/globalban.php
  8. jokerfearless

    COD4 PB Update (9/13/2012)

    I for myself use Windows, but the problem was discussed on our forums when the pb update before this one came out. This one should help the mac users with this pb update: Source: http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/33214-cod4-mac-pb-update/page__st__15?do=findComment&comment=343289
  9. jokerfearless

    First Look: iPhone 5

    Watch and enjoy
  10. jokerfearless

    waiting for a woman

    haha nice one
  11. jokerfearless

    "No Hotlinking" image on ban page

    It works for me.
  12. jokerfearless

    Suspect video

    Let me quote a few hours post in a similar topic:
  13. jokerfearless

    Apple Wins Lawsuit Against Samsung

    Next product apple is going to sue:
  14. congrats on the promotion


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