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Rising Storm for Red Orchestra 2


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I am really looking forward to this game and have been for a long time. I need my WWII Pacific Theater fix! I am so sick of modern warfare based games, I could puke. Bring it da f*** on! I will gladly shoot somebody in the face with my M1 Carbine.

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To clear up some misconceptions and answer a few points.


Rising Storm is no longer a mod. It is being developed as a full expansion, with many here in the office working on it. It is now the single largest official content update in the history of any Tripwire product, including new maps, new weapons, new character models, new features and more. And that is just in the initial release, we have plans for more down the line.


As an expansion it will cost money. For those that own RO 2, it will be available for an additional price. For those that do not own RO 2, it will be available in a package that includes RO 2 MP for a price above that of RO 2 by itself. The prices have not been finalized yet.



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