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Rekoil is a multiplayer first person shooter in which the downtrodden “Minutemen” are pitted against their oppressors, Darkwater Inc, in a world where the only goal is to survive the unrelenting pandemic that has swept across the globe.


Core Gamers: The Backbone of Rekoil


Focusing on infantry based combat across a number of differing locales, Rekoil has something for everyone. From the fast moving Assault class, to the heavily armed and dangerous Heavy Gunner class, Rekoil is a game made for those who desire balanced FPS gameplay.


Gameplay configuration is a core focus with Rekoil, as such it will be possible to set up servers to appeal to a large variety of differing play styles. Whether you enjoy the free flowing acrobatics found in run and gun gaming, or prefer the patient tactical setup, Rekoil can be set up to play the way you want to game.


Mixing it up with full game modification support


Having received less attention from FPS developers and publishers in recent years, modifying game content is an activity that has fallen by the wayside for many. At Plastic Piranha, we recognize that although the number of modders may be quite small, their impact on the community as a whole can be tremendous.


Not only can modding build an impassioned community that can create new ways to play a game, but it can provide great minds with an alternate path of entry to game development, which we feel is extremely important for the health of the industry as a whole. Many of today’s legendary developers cut their teeth in game development with modding. Forsaking that heritage in pursuit of maximizing fiscal returns could leave the industry with fewer future visionaries and truly impassioned developers.


Competitive Gaming & eSports


We are developing Rekoil with eSports in mind, and as such are very much open to listening to what the top tier teams and players have to say. Rekoil will be balanced for the very best that the eSports scene has to offer. By balancing the game in this manner, we can ensure that there is always room to improve for both the average gamer and the pro player alike.


Rekoil will feature all of the functionality required to properly facilitate competitive events. To ensure that eSports and gaming as a spectator sport continues to grow, a spectator mode will be present for all of your shout casting and commentary needs. For event organizer’s and video directors, replay functionality will be in place to allow you to review a match after the fact. For those folks concerned about internet connections at LAN events and network latency, LAN support will also be in place with Rekoil.


Vital Statistics


10 maps on launch

Over 40 weapons

10 game types currently under development

5 customizable classes

Highly customizable server setups and gameplay

Dedicated servers & public server files

A focus on providing the best execution of core shooter game play to date

Full modification support and promotion from Plastic Piranha

Full E-Sports support and promotion from Plastic Piranha

Developed for PC

Plastic Piranha, the development team behind Rekoil, is comprised of industry veterans and modding marvels, all of whom have an unquenchable passion for creating titles that speak directly to the hearts of core gamers. As a result, we are extremely eager to hear what the community has to say about what we’re making. Please don’t hesitate to visit our forum for in-depth discussion and feedback.


Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @RekoilTheGame and Facebook at www.Facebook.com/RekoilTheGame for all of the latest news, info and media!




It's up for vote on Steam Greenlight

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This looks like it will be some good stuff. I hope it doesn't go the way of RO2 though. PC Gamers say they wish they had this or that, and even when they get the old fashioned goodness, like RO2 and some others have, they still line up and buy the AAA BF3, COD, etc, then bitch about the missing features, lol. I am as guilty as the next guy in this respect. Time to break this trend.

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Some of that trailer looks like Brink to me, and I've still got a bad taste in my mouth from that game.


lol i played the free weekend and bought it for $5.00 at best buy and never opened the box

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lol i played the free weekend and bought it for $5.00 at best buy and never opened the box

Waste of $5 mate. I pre-ordered it and lost out on £22~! Edited by Singh400
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now throw some pb in with the vac & walk the talk


I remember listening to ibleed's old Crossfire gamer's webcast when they talked with one of the devs (think it was Joker or Space Pig, don't remember which), but they discussed PB as not such a viable option due to it being extremely expensive. Might be hard for an up and coming dev team to afford such a luxury. Would love to see it in the game though.

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