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Collected DICE tag's


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just wanted to bragg a little. Under some very lucky circumstances some days ago I did notice a DICE guy behind me while I was trying to get my team to follow me on attacking B objective at Armored Shield. This opportunity did present it self because my teammates "was slacking" behind me (heavily engaged in combat). Suddenly an armored vehicle advanced towards their position infront of me and I did fire away 2 javelins, it got disabled and retreated behind some bushes. Bye then I hade noticed something unusually, the player name had a rare and very luring lock "[DICE]DicedPixel" - this really put me off focus from the planned attack of the mentioned objective and I went out on my hunt to try collect that precious dog tag. After a hasty rush I sneaked up behind him while he was repairing his vehicle, the tag was violently removed from his neck and the occation was celibrated accordingly.



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Can you remember wich ones you collected?


Yep, ROBTHERHINO512, MURDERAXE and morbidtexan


ROBTHERHINO is the lamest excuse for an EA employee, they had a hardcore server and I can count on my fingers and toes how many times I've gotten kicked by him just for joining the server looking to grab some tags. Funny thing is, I took his tags as he was kicking one of my friends while we were hunting him down and ironically got kicked right after.

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Seriously? Is that you say true its about time to pick up the phone and make a phone call...


Glad you got his tag!


Totally forgot about this but yes, it's true



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