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Hello there,


I've been playing BF2 since a short time after it's release and have had no problems what so ever with it until this last week. Now I cannot stay in a server for more than 5 minutes before being kicked for 'COMFAIL #101' I've tried many things in order to fix this, including installing pb again as recommended.


I noticed that a file pbsec is deleting itself everytime I go to enter a server, so I even tried marking this file as read only but still I am being kicked.


The only serious change I have made between the time I could play fine and the time I started having problems is that I installed a torrent client, but this process isn't running when I try to play so I do not see how this coulds be affecting it.


DISCLAIMER: I have never downloaded any kind of cheat nor do I have anything suspicious running in my processes. I am the only person with access to this pc also so I believe this is a fault on pb's end

I've raised a ticket I just wandered if there was anyone here who might be able to offera quick fix rather than having to go through the system


If anyone could shed some light on this I would appreciate that a lot, I googled the error and it doesn't seem like anyone else is having this problem. Thank you

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