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yah BF3, no the server update disables it now, even if you read-only the config.


now 2 or 3 people join my server then someone leaves before 4 are in there...probally gonna get rid of the server now...



Battlefield 3 Game Server R33 change list

3) We now enforce a minimum player count of 4 on both PC and consoles (PC previously had no such limitation while console servers had 2 players as the limit) to be able to exit preround on Ranked servers. You will still be able to move around freely in preround, but the match doesn’t officially start (and thus no stats are affected) until at least 4 players have joined. This goes for both PC and console servers. This will make it harder to easily use Ranked servers as boosting servers.

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No one stays.....


[04:55:01] sevisual has joined the server..

[04:56:53] sevisual [suicide] sevisual

[04:58:30] sevisual has left the server..

[06:48:11] Aggressors02 has joined the server..

[06:51:06] Aggressors02 has left the server..

[07:33:17] wlt321 has joined the server..

[07:35:51] [Roadkill] wlt321

[07:37:26] wlt321 [suicide] wlt321

[07:38:15] [Roadkill] wlt321

[07:40:31] wlt321 [suicide] wlt321

[07:41:19] wlt321 [soldier collision] wlt321

[07:42:20] thiagoKiepper has joined the server..

[07:42:35] [Roadkill] wlt321

[07:43:57] wlt321 has left the server..

[07:45:08] lboarain has joined the server..

[07:48:56] lboarain has left the server..

[09:39:27] bluewaterman1 has joined the server..

[09:40:17] bluewaterman1 has left the server..

[10:16:05] ryder1953 has joined the server..

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