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Heroes & Generals


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Heroes & Generals is a Massive Online FPS with a Strategic Multiplayer Campaign, taking place in the European theater of war during WWII. ‘Heroes’ refer to the players engaged in the FPS-part of the game and ‘Generals’ refer to the players managing the resources and commanding Assault Teams (army units) in the Strategy-part of the game.











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we have decided to let Heroes & Generals be a free2play game.


We will give you the option of buying “gold credits”, which can be converted to in-game credits, so you have the option of saving time and don’t need to grind that much.


However, we plan to offer a Premium Subscription to accommodate wishes of having an all-inclusive package, where you earn in-game credits at an increased rate and Premium Subscribers can acquire all items by in-game credits alone.


pretty much open what that means and how (if) that works out. Why do i already doubt it :scratchchin:

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it's not that bad ... if you can live with matchmaking. The boundless buythisbuythat-crap is for pretty useless gizmos, the only thing i would really want (MP 40, no lame bolt action rifle) just unlocks for some ingame rank :P

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