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Banned from server, not sure why or how


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Recently finished upgrading and buying new parts for my new PC just before Endgame was realized. For about 2 and a half months I didn't have access to a PC able to play BF3. So I'm quiet confused. The server is-




\I've been permanently banned and have no clue how or why. Have never used any hacks but have been acussed more than once. If this could be undone that would be great! :)



Please note attached photo was made up a while ago, just haven't had the time to ask for an un-ban.



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You'll have to get in touch with whoever runs that server. http://sydney247.freeforums.org/support-f5.html seems like the place to go.


You can only appeal a ban here that's being enforced by PBBans, i.e. your GUID is on the MBL for a voilation triggered on a streaming server and as you haven't provided that either no one here at PBBans can help you at this point.

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