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  1. yes that would be quite the anti-climax :)
  2. bollocks, wrong screenie. here goes
  3. i think i deleted all my NR screenshots, think i made it to wave 121 once apparently i didnt delete them all, here's one to wave 85
  4. played that damn game too much already, lol Sometimes a game can take up more than two hours if you got a good set of players and make it through alot of waves
  5. So I came across this F2P game that had the same name as that old time classic Dungeon Keeper that many of us will remember. Build dungeons, mine gems and gold etc. It's also pretty much why I have never bought into F2P, as EA takes microtransactions to the next level. There are actually 24 hours real-time waits to dig out hard rock patches, like, you'll have to lay your phone away for 24 hours. Of course you can buy gems to speed things up, but anyone with 2 braincells is going to be absolutely shocked about how this game takes a giant dump on F2P in grand style. Without getting too
  6. Thats quite remarkable because I have been over it a couple times as it was being referred to as the split topic but it didnt contain the messages off that other topic which i was trying to find then So im glad it's back, thanks.
  7. Could you point me to the transferred contents from the WaW topic then, because I can't find them And of course as I am merely a normal user i cannot look in your admin panel to see you performed a split topic action By not being split I was actually referring to the contents that got deleted from the WaW topic, dunno how I have to call such an action, I guess i was thinking it meant the posts that didnt have to do with WaW were transferred to the topic split to cod4 forum It's not my intention to spread 'lies', I just want to know what happened to the contents that got deleted from t
  8. we haz genius in da house I meant the discussion that got closed and for some reason had all posts in it deleted. When asked, even Taz didn't know why it got locked/deleted. Later he said there was another topic about it but that one was started on 22th and the comments in the other topic were atleast a week longer in progress There was nothing split, someone opened a thread about cod4 on the 22th and the WaW thread was just stripped of all comments except the WaW announcement The thread Benway links to doesnt have any of the replies that were in the WaW topic, its just some thread
  9. He's got some point though. 16th dec I made a ticket and they said they still supported cod4. 17th dec I asked why no security information received entries were showing up in the logs anymore, 21st dec he replied saying Activision asked them to shut down their cod4 back-end which is kind of the opposite of what he told me a few days earlier. Should I read that as Activision shut it down in those 4 days? Or perhaps things were supposed to kept quiet a little longer? Of course when people notice telltale signs in their logs it gets kind of hard to play nice weather I also find it somewha
  10. Of course no official announcements from Activision about dropping anti cheat support for nearly 9000 servers in cod4 running PB Gotta love those guys
  11. Answer from EB is that they still support COD4. As Alex put it, it depends on whether or not the publisher/developer wants it, which makes sense since they're paying for it. So i guess you could say that whether or not EB supports a game doesn't matter when the developer/publisher of that game decides to pull the plug. I asked him to jump in this thread so he could see the discussion and maybe answer some questions about for instance 'Received Master Security Information' entries missing in the logs as of late. as I received the last one on december 5th: Line 49308: [12.05.2013 19:47:08]
  12. LoL I've known EA was a moneyhog since 2001.. I used to play this 2001 game Emperor: Battle for Dune, sequel to Dune2000 made by Westwood Studios who also started the Command&Conquer series, shortly after releasing E:BFD taken over by EA. Game got horrible support and got abandoned really fast due to Red Alert 2 being EA's cashcow at that moment and got promoted into oblivion while they did nothing for E:BFD, which was well ahead of it's time and 10x better than RA2 has ever been. Don't know the whole drama anymore I'd have to crawl some old forums. The lesson that stuck with me wa
  13. Don't know, this still looks good i think [12.14.2013 23:18:26] Attempting to resolve master6.evenbalance.com [12.14.2013 23:18:26] Resolved to [] update command goes to same IP so i think they haven't pulled (all) masterservers yet just to be sure i wrote a ticket to EB asking about the issue Looking at Ninjaman's statement about master security information I decided to plow a few logs for it and just found that the last time this message was last showing up in logs on Dec 5th.. so who knows. Line 33381: [12.04.2013 23:41:21] Received Master Securit
  14. Activision died a long time ago for me.. around the time they announced mw2 wasn't going to have dedi servers after we've been waiting for that game for two years. They basically sold us out. Since then they've made cod pretty much a consoleported moneyhog and basically told the PC community to go F**k themselves Server admin capabilities are virtually next to nothing and of course giving gameservers.com and its licencees the exclusive on hosting and the non-existent mods/support pretty much killed it dead for anyone looking to play something for more than the time it takes to get bored
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