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Viol 50710 Bans Removed (COD4)

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i've long suspected ? them of hacking


How can you suspect someone of cheating, they either are cheating or their not, pretty clear cut. Only thing I saw someone use before was some skin hack, where enemy's were bright red blue or green, which is hard to spot because they can see what they are supposed to but way clearer and even a helmet pixel sticking over a wall will be showing up like a sore thumb, I'm sorry if I'm coming across rude but seriously if you can't tell when someone is legit, you need to get someone with more Cod4 experience in your clan or maybe someone you know to spec these people. I'll do it if you like.

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TTMHuntr you came across as rude, because you were.



Oh well maybe I did, No malice intended I just feel for the innocent players here :/


as I also have experienced ban happy admin and it's beyond rude.

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